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Protection of the Intellectual Property in Russia

What contribution has customs service made in order to protect business intellectual property rights? The legitimate rights owner who has reasonable grounds to believe that his intellectual property rights could be infringed during customs clearance through the border of Russia can file a complaint with the State Customs Committee (SCC) of Russia and request the protection of his rights. After consideration of application and, if required, after additional verification of the stated information, the documents issued by the State Customs Committee of Russia and the corresponding information are filed with the supervising customs bodies of Russia.
As practice shows, the infringements of the intellectual property rights are quite often accompanied by violations of customs rules. Enforcement Practice

The procedural part of the Code states that customs bodies have the right to file reports of the above-stated intellectual property rights infringements discovered during customs control.
The reports, filed by customs bodies serve as a legal ground for court judgments imposing administrative penalties and fines and/or confiscation of the imported goods that violate copyright or other intellectual property rights or trade marks.

The state bodies conducted the analysis of the trade mark protection enforcement practice. Those guidelines define the actions and serve as the legal ground for customs bodies actions and are based on concrete examples.

Customs bodies of foreign states control from several thousand up to several tens of thousand of trade marks. The customs bodies of Russia, according to the information of legal rights owners, control about 450 trade marks which are filed with the intellectual property register of the State Customs Committee of Russia.